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Description: Have you ever wanted to express your story or any story into a stitched piece? This two-day workshop we will explore the time-honoured tradition of narrative embroideries. Participants will be guided by the teacher to turn their own memories or life journey idea into an embroidered work which conveys the story they wish to express. Through a series of exercises and activities the participants will work through concentrating their ideas to the essentials for creating a stitched narrative. Throughout the two days, different examples of narrative embroidery will be examined in detail to demonstrate how various problems have been solved. Project ideas will be provided for those who have no defined story in mind. Students do not need good drawing skills in order to enjoy this class.


Topics covered will include:

  • Breaking a story into its essential elements,

  • Developing a story board,

  • Combining words and images,

  • Working with the teacher the student will be able to determine the appearance, embroidery stitches, colours etc.


Students should bring a basic assortment of threads with them in which to begin their project. Teacher will have some threads available for students to make use of during classes.

Stitch Your Own Story

  • $45

  • Mike Parr is a textile artist and teacher with a lifelong passion for embroidery and history, and has over 40 years of experience in crewel and surface embroidery. Mike is known for his designs in stump work, gold work, and white work. He has been a contributor to Embroidery Canada and Inspirations magazines, and he teaches frequently throughout North America. In 2016, he founded his own business: Mike Parr Embroidery Designs. Mike’s primary focus is creating embroidery projects that draw on art and history for their inspiration.

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