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Stitches of Our Lives

Stitches of Our Lives Retreat is a place where like-minded individuals come to stitch, learn and meet others.


Come to beautiful downtown Kingston, Ontario for a day or a weekend.  Enjoy your day(s) relaxing while you stitch in a well-lit ballroom, with friends, new and old.  Bring your unfinished projects, start something new … or do both.


Learn a new craft, skill, stitch, or brush up on something old, in our many and varied classes.  


Visit our all-Canadian vendors, to find something new and exciting, for you or for other crafters in your life.  Bring your lists of must haves and wishes.  


Pilot Retreat

November 10 – 12th is our pilot retreat.  We have planned the workshop that we would love to attend ... a place with no interruptions, friendly conversation, good food that we didn't have to prepare, classes where we can learn new stitches, or a new craft, which result in real projects, lots of freebies, and vendors, where we could pick up everything on our list, and then some.  But, we need to know if this is your retreat.


Anything hand made is made with love!  Many of our first projects were made at school, or with a parent/grandparent hovering over us.  Then we matured and tried new materials, new stitches and new crafts, till we found some that we were drawn to, and continue to perfect.  Our stitching relaxes us, and frustrates us, keeps us sane when there is chaos around us, sometimes makes us a little bit crazy, decorates our home and the homes of those we love, for it is as much a part of us as our smile is.  These are the Stitches of Our Lives.

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